Oracle vs Sybase

Finally, a test which compares the two DBMSs on the same box.

Hardware: Sun E250, 1GB, 2@400mhz cpu, single scsi drive, Solaris 2.8


Oracle8.1.7DB Blk Buffer=225mb
SH Pool=50mb
archive mode=off
Sybase11.0.364mbtrunc log/chkpt
(logging on)

Timings, min:sec

Oracle Sybase
Insert 49000 rows3:591:26
Misc selects/updates0:240:04

Test notes:
The test table had a mix of fields, two indexes were created before the insert run. The test runs were achieved by submitting a SQL file to sqlplus/isql. During the insert run, rows were batched into 100 rows/transaction. Note that transaction logging cannot be turned off in Sybase.

Our tests revealed that Sybase is significantly faster than Oracle. Caveats: 1) The hardware used was not 'Enterprise' class, no RAID was implemented. 2) The amount of data used in the test (about 15mb worth) is fairly substantial, but much smaller than the data manipulated in a typical enterprise class application.

Any suggestions to better match the two databases on a level playing field are welcome - please reply to the address below.

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