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Executing Dynamic Code


Javascript statement blocks can be created and executed using the eval
function. This is similar to dBase's macro prefix. The eval function
takes an argument as a string- this string can be a line of code, or a
variable, or any piece of Javascript that could execute in the given
context. Here is an example:

 var myvar1=0
 var myvar2=0
 var myvar3=0
 /* set all variables to 100 */
 for (i=1;i<4;i++) {
           eval("myvar" + i + "=100");
Here is another example, in which a function calls one of four different functions based on the parameter:
 function f_sort(parm1)
 eval("array1.sort(f_compare" + parm1 + ");");
 eval("prev1=loc" + parm1 + "1;");
 eval("prev1=loc" + parm1 + "2;");
Using the eval function saved 9 lines of code in this case!.

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