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Sybase » Transact-SQL » Coding » Temp Tables

Using Temporary Tables


Temp tables allow developers to create and scan tables within a stored procedure - and
have the tables totally isolated from all other database connections. This is very
valuable when results need to be processed several times within a loop, or when
a complex result set is expected (like a crosstab). Note that temp table transactions
are logged within tempdb (exception: select into create statements).

create proc proc_gen_report (@region_id integer) as

declare @total money

/* standard create */

create table #rpt (
store_id integer not null,
store_cd char(5) not null,
inv_count integer not null,
total_sales money not null

/* create using select into - make sure 'select into' is turned on */

select t1.cus_id, t1.cus_name, sum(t2.inv_amount) 'inv_summary'
into #cus_invoices
from customer t1, invoice t2
where t2.cus_id = t1.cus_id

/* Processing occurs, using temp table(s) where needed. */
/* Temp tables can be used in joins, aggregates, updates, etc. */

drop table #rpt
drop table #cus_invoices


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