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Using SQL-Plus


SQL-Plus is a query / command line utility which has some powerful formatting

Getting Started

; Command line terminator
/ Execute the current batch of commands
SET SERVEROUTPUT ON Allow messages from PL-SQL to be displayed
SHOW ERRORS Show errors from last batch
EDIT Run editor, and load buffer
CLEAR BUFFER Clear buffer commands
& Prompt for value
@ Run commands in @filename

/**** Examples ****/

/* prompt for process id, and kill */

alter system kill session '&Victim'

/* run commands in tables.sql */


Setting the editor in sql-plus allows you to type "ed" and alter your SQL,
without having to re-type. For windows, set the editor to notepad.exe.
At the SQL Plus prompt, type this command to set the editor.

define _editor=vi

SQL Plus was originally a reporting utility. Unfortunately, it is the only
tool provided
by Oracle for generating flat files. To remove the 'friendly' formatting, here
are the commands required:

set echo off
set newpage 0
set pagesize 0
set space 0
set feedback off
set trimspool on
set heading off
set linesize 555

-- Then, to create a flat file, with pipe delimiters:

spool invoices.dat;

select invoice_id || '|' ||
invoice_dt || '|' ||
from invoices
order by invoice_id

spool off;

SQLPLUS allows dynamic variable substitution, from the command line.
Here's an example:

select count(1) from invoices where region=&1 ;


-- Then, to run the SQL with the parm CANADA ..

sqlplus scott/tiger@myserver @test1.sql CANADA

-- Try running the SQL without that last parm - you will be prompted to key in the variable!

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